You leave me breathless by Zera Princ

You leave me breathless

I know that we are all made of stardust,
but not the stars, you leave me breathless,
while the continuous fusion of your passion
gives birth to a love that can save me from loneliness.

With your eyes you melt the cold that is my mask,
and the heart feels the explosion of a big bang.
Alike a Supernova, your energetic temperament
says you are inevitably my fifth element.

Call 911 - Zera Princ

Call 911

Call right now 911,
Without grace my heart she wounded,
This is a crime of first degree,
With premeditation and without remorse.

I am the victim of that beautiful woman.
From the seventh heaven to hell she threw me,
She coldly killed my faith in love.
Every male tear for her is a victory.

She is a danger for the entire manhood.
She reveals easily everybody's heart code
And when she puts her throne in one heart
She passes in another to conquer it.

Call "gendarmery", guys in blue,
Help me think again with my head,
Take her to quarantine and save
Romantics who believe in dreams.

Experience the magic by Zera Princ

Experience the magic

Do not talk, do not spoil the moment,
I just want to feel your closeness,
let instinct to guide you,
just so you will discover the truth.

Let's make this night unforgettable,
let me untangled your blonde hair,
make love under the sky,
let the bodies to ecstasy of love.

When you stay alone by Zera Princ

When you stay alone

When you stay alone,
when you close your eyes tired of the world,
when the stars do not fulfill your wishes,
when the rainbow loses its color,
when the Sisyphus' stone goes down the hill.

When you stay alone,
when the fountain desire fails once
when the princess in your heart falls asleep,
when you ask yourself where the youth went,
when the Noah's Ark is not there to save you.